Mad in the Hat

We're All Mad Here...


Mad in the Hat has played to sold out shows opening for A-Trak, performing on the main stage at the Avalon, the infamous Viper Room, Sayers Club, and special events throughout Los Angeles. His recent performance at the NACA conference in Boston began generating live performances across the US. Mad in the Hat regularly features guest singers, dancers, and musicians to join him on stage, creating the next evolution of live performance in electronic music. 


The vision for this project, “A Journey from the Mundane,” is rooted in the innovative use of the electric drum set. Using the electronic drum set as a multi-instrument music box, Mad in the Hat, a professional drummer, and the maestro of this 21st century reinterpretation of the dance music experience, has created a narrative show incorporating three different types of media—music, film, and live performance—that come together into a cinematic, narrative, musical trip. At the onset, the goal was to create a show that felt like a film in conjunction with a live electronic show. The Maestro’s multi-instrument music box brings forward a concordance of stimuli with each strike. With each strike, an evocation of images, lights, live remixes scaffolded on symphonic structures. 

“A Journey from the Mundane” is an exploration of one’s self, a passage from uncertainty to fulfillment—one that can be explored individually and together.

The story Begins

“Deep from the dark underground of Los Angeles, Mad in the Hat comes to life. Characterized by his signature hat and unique musical performance, MitH is a showman, drummer and DJ. He brings together all aspects of electronic music, live performers, and a mesmerizing stage show unlike anything seen before. Watch just how far down the Rabbit Hole you can really go.”